Fragrance Luxury

Forever Laura Biagiotti

The launch of the new fragrance Forever by Laura Biagiotti keeps the spirit of Italianità and precious, refined style, which is inherent to the traditional heritage of the Fashion house. Values, sentiments, emotions and stories stop time and make it unique: this is the concept behind Forever. Forever seizes the moment and makes it infinite, as infinite as the love that every woman expresses in her life with generosity and passion. As the symbol for everlasting love is the infinity sign, we created a shape which reflects this symbol. The body and cap shape an elegant infinity sign in 3 dimensions.

The soft curved body ends in a smaller loop to complete the infinity. The overall feel of the bottle is extremely feminine and slender, a statement of preciousness and refinement. The color codes are soft goldish yellows turning in to rose. All bottles carry the same cap, so the range is lively and consistent at the same time. The folding cartons carries an infinity which is done as artistic brushstroke in rose gold on an off white textured surface. A touch of red within the branding refers back to the signature color of Laura Biagiotti.