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Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg Facecare

Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg applies the “magic” effect of L-Carnosine in cell renewal for a new anti-age skin care series.

The challenge here is to link dermatological competence to innovative technology and thus create a contemporary and professional design. L-Carnosine produces healthy skin and fights against the saccharification of the skin. White – the color for “professional skin care” is the logical aspect for the layout.

The integration of an abstract cell pattern helps to underline uniqueness and refines the folding box visually and tactile. Also the pattern serves as color differentiation between the individual serums. As hero-ingredient: the agent L-Carnosine is being embossed on the lids as chemical formula: C9H14N403. This underlines the sophisticated and medical character of the series.