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Schwarzwald, Premium Organic Skincare

The beauty and magical power of this skin care series is deeply rooted in the Black Forest.

The inspiration for the development of this beauty line finds its source in the bio active phenomena of the natural laboratory. In this way it creates a contemporary and luxurious skin care. Our newly developed logo highlights this unique identity and origin. The whole packaging design approach follows this concept. The outer carton is made from environmentally friendly textured material. The blind embossed wood like structure creates a tactile experience.

The graphics accentuate black on pure white. Bottles, caps and pumps remain simplistic. All the products are certified by Ecocert as organic cosmetics and the packaging fulfils the high standard of this seal. The individual product names are inspired by the brand story: Morning Dew, Moonlight, Forest Fairy – hinting at the magical powers of the product formula. A luxury brand created in nature’s laboratory.