Beauty / Personal Care

Nivea Body Care

The Body Care category is one of the biggest and most important segments of Nivea.

The relaunch strengthens and further develops this range. The new graphic design not only reflects the Nivea brand codes but also the Body Care category codes; strengthening the revised positioning and range variety. The drop shape – an iconic element and focus point – is a design between reality and abstraction.

The glow of light in the background in combination with a 3D foil print emphasize its shape and strengthen its effect. The range differentiation has been kept but modernized through colors and graphic symbols. The range appears harmonious. It assists the customer to find the product in need. A clean, minimalistic design, an elegant performance that just works for the Nivea brand.

NIVEA “Skin Delight”

Over the last 2000 years milk and oil have been used in body care products that are meant to pamper and indulge. Nivea’s new “Skin Delight Products’” combine oil with an nourishing body lotion. These products cater for the particular needs of Asia and the Middle East.

The design aims to exemplify the idea of fragrant sensual pampering for the series. An iconic visual of milk and oil embosoms the fragrant additives of rose and lavender. The dark blue of the bottle recalls the intensiveness of the product.

Nivea Body Mousse

The mousse with its creamy, light, velvety texture, and the iconic “care drop” comes to life in the new design.

The soft handwritten lettering of Mousse lends the design a gentle touch, in keeping with the grace and application of the product. A premium and iconic look in the market place.

Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Oil

Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Oil, the pampering pure body oil, nourishes dry and stressed skin.

The design is iconic and minimalistic, simultaneously emotive and disarming. Hot foil gold accentuates the oil drops and generates an upmarket image.