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Lacoste Pour Femme

Lacoste pour Femme scent’s olfactive journey continues with a new fresh and contemporary spirit: Eau de Parfum Lègère, a contemporary interpretation of our iconic timeless design from 2004. Over the years we did develop many bottels for the Lacoste portfolio: starting with Lacoste Homme up to Lacoste Style in Play.

The Eau Légère bottle design: graceful and slender, the gently curved glass bottle – featuring the original feminine design and sinuous lines from Lacoste Pour Femme – embodies the woman it is created for. A statement in sophistication, the Eau de Parfum Légère’s luminescent flacon is frosted glass which appears pearl-white to emphasize the modern flair of an Eau Fraiche character. The folding box reflects this lightness and airiness in sand, beige and off white tonality.

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense

The more intensive gourmand scent. The new Eau de Parfum Intense was created in 2017: the sensuality underlined by metallic tones. Nuances in caramel and copper shading can be seen on the bottle and packaging.

The copper tone travels through the slim, long bottle from being opaque in the shoulder area to transparency at the base – a technical challenge but with an unbelievably sensual effect. The cap with the signature Lacoste Piqué in matt copper looks like a delicious chocolate that you would like to bite into. All in all: minimal, sensual, elegant and timeless.

Lacoste L'Homme

We developed the graphic design of the Lacoste L’Homme initiative in close cooperation with the fashion house. The new scent reflects the brand modern, contemporary, masculine. Focus point is the wide framed Lacoste crocodile.

The dynamic contrast between navy blue and a shade of Cognac of the fragrance and of the glossy silver is strikingly surprising yet traditional. Embossing effects on the bottle – the frame and the crocodile – as on the folding box underline the presence of these elements.

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