Fragrance Luxury

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

The work on J.F. Schwarzlose shows our most comprehensive design case.

We create everything for and around the brand. Corporate-, shape and graphic design development as well as communication design, web design and merchandising materials. The perfume collection by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a reflection of today’s Berlin as well as it’s heritage.

Each of the individual perfumes is confident, cosmopolitan, contemporary and racy without ever being obtrusive. They are designed for connoisseurs, bon vivants and individuals and are thoroughly authentic, leaving the mainstream attitude far behind.


J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is promoting art and artists in Berlin. For 2016 Schwarzlose decided to work with Paul DeFlorian and launched a parfum called „Altruist“. We developed the packaging design as well as the website in cooperation with the artist Paul DeFlorian. Minimalism is the design concept of the packaging of Altruist. For the outer carton a rough simple drawing board was chosen.

The bottle is pure, industrial, square and minimal finishing off in a simple utilitarian cap. The big volume of 200 ml adds a lavish & generous feel to the whole proposition of „Altruist“. The bottle itself is wrapped in a craft paper bag which shows one of Paul DeFlorian’s painting.  Even though the look is very minimalistic  the material is  luxurious: a hand crafted cardboard with hot foil embossing.

Parfum Captive

A collection of 3 luxurious perfumes in unique flasks. The bottle design is inspired by the traditional vintage flask shape ‘‘J.F. Schwarzlose Söhne“ featured in 1900. The flask is handy, elegant and crafted with utmost glass flow and quality. The quality is achieved through contrast of rounded areas and definition, as well as through the deep embossed J.F.S. flower logo on the front side.

The structure of every „Parfum Captive“ consists of a spicy base, a core natural ingredient and a unique ‘‘MANE captive“. The inspiration was drawn from a story about an enchanted forest and evolved into an adventure about nature and mythology. Each perfume is delivered in a tube box. The box itself is refined with a logo-pattern and gold hotfoil. Each tube box is delivered in a nicely shaped outer carton to save it from being damaged.

We created annual art editions for J.F. Schwarzlose.