Object / Environment

J.F. Schwarzlose “1A-Duft” Exhibition

We planned and created the exhibition design “IA- Duft, Schwarzlose & Das Berliner Parfüm” at Ephraimpalais from October 2015 to the end of January 2016 in collaboration with the museums Ines Wenzel.

This exhibition was embedded into the big exhibition “Dance on the Volcano” about Berlin‘s culture between the 2 wars. In the section “IA-Duft” the focus is on the Schwarzlose family in the 1920s, who dominated the fragrance business in Berlin and throughout Germany at that time. The fragrance IA-33 was created around 1929 and is a homage to mobile modern Berlin.

Using the former car number plate: 1A – a quite unmistakable fragrance was created – like Berlin air. From the concept of displaying the historic stages of the company and family to the layouts of all showcase and an fragrance tester point we designed all elements in a very moderate and contemporary execution. This exhibition was an absolute magnet for visitors to the museum.