Fragrance Prêt-à-porter

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden

Shape and graphic designed by us for the new fragrance

The design language is simple, yet feminine. Nature is the inspiration. Petals are shaping the shoulder and cap. They flow smoothly onto the squarish body. The colors are fresh, light- apricot. The bottles differ in treatment of the shoulder parts. According to the product they are either clear or frosted. The graphic concept is based on an illustration with white background.

A water-color illustration by artist Pacrovka is the center of the folding box and complements the bottle design. A matte surface emphasizes the soft embossing of the flower and underlines the tactile experience. The two colors in the text create differentiation between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.

Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance is another series. This time the bottle is taken from an existing tool but carries a unique cap design, which is being decorated through „charms“.

The colors and the folding carton graphics which is an illustration are story telling.